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By Microsoft Secure Blog Staff. This blog is part of a series that responds to common questions we receive from customers about deployment of Microsoft 365 ...

How to body a defended blog

On June 12 Axis Communications hosted its countdown Women in Security Summit—an accident that looks to advance assortment and inclusion in the abode and engage attendees, both men and women, who share this accepted objective. The accident consisted of a cardinal of workshops led by acclaimed industry-leading women beyond the US and a console altercation […]

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Welcome to Inside Secure's blog. A place to explore relevant issues towards a trusted world. Blog · Markets Products Company Contact. GDPR cover image.

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Managed WordPress solutions like WPEngine will not alone accomplish circadian backups in case something happens to your site, they will adviser for malware, too. And, in the accident that malware makes it through to your site, they will assignment to adjustment it for you, for free.


On June 12 Axis Communications hosted its inaugural Women in Security Summit—an event that looks to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and ...

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Not all web hosts are created equally in agreement of security. If you opt for a aggregate hosting environment, your website could be compromised aloof because another site on the server was compromised. If you can afford it, baddest a host that specializes in WordPress.


Blog Talk Radio is the world's largest social radio network. Create your own internet radio show, listen to thousands of internet radio shows and podcasts live  ...

Welcome to Inside Secure’s blog

Wp-admin, wp-includes, and wp-content charge to have all files writable alone by your user account. Wp-content should also be writable by the web server processes – including the wp-content/themes folder. The plugins binder should alone be writable by you, with added folders adjusted accordingly to what the plugins require.


These are WordPress security measures all creators should implement. Do it to secure your WordPress blog, stop hacking attacks and keep your content safe.

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But, if you’re just about to start a blog, one of the best things you can do is accede aegis along the way to avoid potential disaster. And if you’re blogging for your business, these accomplish are essential to protect your data security.

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RapidSSL® Certificates help you keep your customers' transactions secure with up to 256-bit data encryption and site authentication. Buy a certificate and ...

How to buy Bitcoin cheap, defended and fast! Coinbase isn't your only option!

The number of people expected to be active in cities is set to bifold by 2050 to some 6.4 billion burghal dwellers. To cope with this population increase, and to acclimatize to the new needs of beyond catholic environments, cities will crave new and avant-garde means of managing their assets and resources. This is addressed […]


May 17, 2018 ... Previously, we posted a proposal to mark all HTTP pages as definitively “not secure” and remove secure indicators for HTTPS pages. HTTPS ...

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The following privileges are not required for WordPress to function correctly, DROP, ALTER and GRANT and can be revoked. It may cause issues back schema changes are made, so it’s important to accomplish abiding you consistently have a solid database advancement on hand.

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