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It's become something of a tradition to write about the key technology trends that we think will have a significant impact on our business over the coming year ...

Microsoft Secure

Why? Because it’s usually the user’s fault that their site got hacked. There are some responsibilities that you have to take care of as a website owner. So the key question is, what are you doing to save your site from actuality hacked?

Secured credit cards

Over the 20 years since the introduction of the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) by Netscape, its descendants have become the security standard for all web ...

How To Secure A WordPress Website: The Definitive Guide

FinTech adoption is not showing any signs of slowing down – it continues to disrupt the global financial services industry and its effect on the banking industry is highly significant. Banks are seeing the opportunities new innovations present and are focusing on how they can be harnessed to improve areas such as personal advisory services […]

Secure uhc

Jun 8, 2018 ... This guide features the simple WordPress security measures that any blogger can implement today. Do this to secure a WordPress website, ...

Secure Mobile Application Development: Making the Business Case for App Shielding

It’s become something of a attitude to write about the key technology trends that we think will have a significant appulse on our business over the coming year and the security sector as a whole. Future-gazing is never an easy task, and while many new technologies and broader issues will no doubt be significant in […]

Secure ssa

2 days ago ... In-depth discussion of security, cybersecurity and technology trends affecting trust in computing, as well as timely security news, trends, and practical ... Blog Posts ... Securing the future of AI and machine learning at Microsoft.

Keeping your account secure

You shouldn’t dread calling technical support. It should be a affable experience that’s relatively fast and painless. Unfortunately, that’s not consistently the case for many professionals. Here, I’ll look closely at a few telling statistics that show how and why bodies want to work with companies that provide world-class service. Furthermore, I’ll evaluate why taking […]


Blog Talk Radio is the world's largest social radio network. Create your own internet radio show, listen to thousands of internet radio shows and podcasts live  ...

Modern Risk Analytics: Why Financial Institutions Need to Strengthen Existing Fraud Detection Solutions

Network administrators are under significant and increasing pressure to make abiding their networks are designed and operated securely. So it is important that they have the right knowledge and tools to manage cybersecurity throughout the activity cycle of the system. In this post, we will explore the cybersecurity best practices specific to managing their network […]


OneSpan Blog - Reflections around online security.

SAMA Cyber Security Framework Compliance: Deliver a Seamless and Secure Digital Banking Experience

As we enter a new year, I’m seeing many changes in the oil and gas industries. Producers are positioning themselves to embrace IoT and new accessories to upgrade their existing remote pad sites and facilities. However, attention new systems and accessories isn’t without challenges. Cybersecurity is a major concern and attention against cyberthreats is obviously […]


May 3, 2018 ... When you set a password for your Twitter account, we use technology that masks it so no one at the company can see it. We recently identified ...

Secure Your WordPress Website in 2019: Here Are 24 Simple Tricks

I’ve heard many website owners accuse about the security of WordPress. The thought is that an open source script is accessible to all sorts of attacks. Is that a fact? And if so, how do you secure your WordPress website?

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AiraNui Deluxe Indoor Air Purifier with Remote Control

AiraNui Deluxe Indoor Air Purifier with Remote Control

The AiraNui Deluxe is the perfect way to purify air in homes or offices. It has HEPA Filtration, Carbon VOC Filtration, Titanium Dioxide Filtration with UV Light, plus Ozone all working in harmony to make air clean and fresh. Product Features Negative Ion Generation Technology Adjustable Ozone Generation Activated carbon Deodorization UV bulb & Photo-catalytic filter to kill virus and bacteria Washable HEPA filter to eliminate small particles, dust Adjustable Fan Speed Control Washable Permanent Pre-filter. Adjustable Ozone Control and Plate Configuration. Adjustable Ion Control 20 KV negative ion generator.
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